Getting started with Rancher Desktop, containerd and K3S clusters

Working on the right version of Kubernetes is very important. Also, the ability to replicate for dev and test environments a multi-node cluster topology, as close (if not identical) to the one that we use in production. This is because even small versions between kubernetes clusters contain changes in their APIs that can cause unexpectedContinue reading “Getting started with Rancher Desktop, containerd and K3S clusters”

Teaching How to Rollout Deployments with Zero downtime

End users expect services to always be available and responsive. Just a small degradation in performance for an application might be enough to lose customers. Kubernetes makes it easy to scale applications and rollout deployments with zero downtime. It does it by incrementally updating Pod instances, running different application versions and also maintaining a historyContinue reading “Teaching How to Rollout Deployments with Zero downtime”

Getting the Containers and Kubernetes basics right

For the past few years containerisation has become one of the best ways to increase business speed and agility by organisations. Then, combined with mature container platforms and orchestration options, like Kubernetes, managing microservices has become the new normal.  This shows in the recent statistics, where 90% of enterprises globally, have adopted or are planningContinue reading “Getting the Containers and Kubernetes basics right”